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LED Panel Lights - The Office Staple

office led panel lights

Whether it is your home office or a commercial office, our place of work should promote positive wellbeing. Appropriate lighting is key to achieving visual comfort, performance and safety. Where possible, try to utilise as much natural light available and fill in the gaps with task lighting to avoid eye strain and headaches. LEDs are a must for any office environment as they are designed to be used for long periods of time. They don’t produce heat and consume less energy than halogen for lower running costs.

Our LED panel lights are a popular choice for most grid ceilings. Projecting light at a wide beam angle to fill large open plan offices with bright light. For office space with high ceilings, suspension kits allow the panel to be installed closer to workspace level for optimum visibility. Natural white and cool white colour temperatures are typically used as they promote efficiency and help you feel more focused and alert whilst working. Warm white panel lights and round panel lights are perfect for break out zones and relaxation areas.

Board Not Bored Room with Track Lighting

board room track lights

Track lights make impressive features in conference spaces and board rooms. Discover our range of Flexible Track Lighting with GU10 fittings. You can team your track lights with dimmable spotlights to adjust the lighting during presentations and screenings. Flexible track lights can sweep across large tables in interesting patterns to encourage a creative working environment.

For studio spaces, showrooms and open plan offices, our LED track light kits are perfect for creating contemporary versatile lighting features. Task lighting is important in the office to direct light onto a desk, workspace or product in a showroom. Track lights work effectively as task lights because the spotlights can be rotated to adjust the direction of the beam angle. Additional track light heads can also be fitted to the track with the simple clip-on feature to illuminate multiple task areas at once. Track pieces can be easily attached with connectors to extend the lighting across large spaces.

Tackle Tasks with Downlights

office downlights

To create a neat professional look, recessed downlights are a fantastic option. They can be recessed into the ceiling in straight lines or diagonal directions across small or large office spaces. Choose from warm white, natural white and cool white colour temperatures with clean white or brushed nickel bezels. Dimmable downlights can be teamed with a dimmer switch to control the level of brightness depending on how you’re using the space.

With a narrow beam angle, downlights work effectively as task lights over desks and workspaces. Many of our downlights can also be rotated for further control over the direction of light. If you’re thinking about using downlights as the general light source in a large office, we recommend using multiple downlights to fill the space with a balanced amount of light. Quick connect downlights are ideal for larger offices as multiple lights can be easily looped together to suit the size of the space.

Emergency Lighting

office emergency lights

By law, all companies of any size require emergency lighting to ensure your building safety regulations are met. Emergency lights operate automatically for a minimum of three hours in the event of the main power supply failing, and importantly providing sufficient light to ensure a safe exit of the premises. Most new buildings now have emergency lights installed during construction. If your building requires emergency lighting, we recommend consulting an emergency lighting designer for professional guidance.

Emergency exit lighting is sub-divided into:

  • Escape Route Lighting – Green Arrow Signage to identify emergency exists
  • Open Area Lighting – To direct people to an emergency exit e.g. bulkheads
  • High-Risk Task Area Lighting – To ensure people working with machinery have enough visibility to allow the safe shutdown of equipment.

Our LED emergency lighting range covers all three areas. From dual maintained and non-maintained fire exit signs, emergency bulkheads to twin spotlights. Offering powerful, reliable, energy-efficient lighting with low running costs.

For more information on emergency lighting, visit our blog.