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Personalise with Pendant Lights

living room pendant lights

The living room – a magical, comfortable haven we dream of when we’re hard at work. Longing to be lounging on the sofa with loved ones or welcoming friends over. Getting the lighting right is essential to creating a cosy living space and relaxing ambience for getting everyone together. Our living room lighting is designed with this in mind – to help you put together a space that is solely you, that you want to share with others or savour yourself. With lighting solutions for small intimate living rooms, to contemporary open plan spaces. We’ve got you covered.

Lighting adds the personal touches to your interior décor that expresses the unique character of your home. Go all out with oversized statement pendant lights and ceiling lights to make a bold focal feature above a coffee table. Popular in trend leading cafes, bars and restaurants - industrial inspired iron pendant lights offer a stripped back look, yet homely feel when tied together with cosy living room furniture. Metal pendant lights inhabit a minimalist beauty which catapults interior design into the modern. Teaming iron build with stainless-steel finishes, our metal pendant lights boast a robust character with a charming contemporary look. Perfect for creating a clean, Scandinavian setting, or rustic country home. Transparent glass pendant shades evenly distribute light to create beautiful ambient light with a modern, delicate look. Choose from a range of beautiful pendant cords like polished chrome and antique brass to complement your colour schemes.

Tune into TV Lighting

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Let’s face it, for most of us the TV is the focal point of the living room. We position furniture around it, and we watch a lot of it. Did you know that the easiest way to improve the picture quality of your TV at night and to avoid straining your eyes is properly placed lighting? Backlighting the TV is the way to go. LED strip lights are perfect installed behind your TV to create a subtle contrast in the dark room. Helping colours appear clearer and no headaches in sight.

Track lighting and flexible track lighting and ceiling spotlights are fantastic for highlighting certain areas, like decorative shelving or wall hanging artwork and photographs. The spotlights can be easily rotated for specific task lighting, like reading on the sofa. Additional pieces of track can be attached to your track kit to extend the lighting across a larger space.

Smart use of Space

living room smart space lights

Up/down wall lights wash the wall with light in both directions. This two-way projection of light draws the eye up and down, making the ceiling appear higher. Up/down wall lights are very effective when installed in pairs beside doorways and windows. Or used as a table lamp without the need for additional furniture, particularly if space is limited. Available in a variety of finishes, from stainless steel to classic copper, our indoor up and down wall lights are designed to complement your personal home decor.

Mood Lighting Made Easy with Wall Lights

living room mood lights

Wall lights and up and down lights are also great for introducing accent lighting in the living room, when a central main light may be too overpowering. If your living room has an alcove or a recess in the wall, make the most out of the space and turn it into a decorative feature. Downlights are perfect for brightening small spaces and drawing the eye to ornamental pieces. Strip lights are also fantastic to highlight shelving, furniture and recessed ceilings. They are incredibly versatile and can be cut to size to suit the space. Many of our bulbs and spotlights have an optional dimmable feature for pairing with a dimmer switch. This is particularly useful in the living room to control the brightness for a comfortable level of lighting.

Using Colour Temperature

living room lights

When it comes to colour temperature, warm white LEDs will pull warmer colours out from the room and make the space feel cosy and relaxed. Warm white filament bulbs are great in the lounge. They project a nice warm glowing light with an on trend vintage look. Natural white ceiling spotlights and downlights can really open up the living room, making the space appear bigger. So, when choosing colour temperature, think about what kind of mood you want to create and how you personally want to use the space.

Discover more information about colour temperature in our guide.