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Breakfast Bar and Island Lighting with Pendant Lights

kitchen breakfast bar and island lights

Of course, the main function of lighting in the kitchen is practicality. There needs to be an appropriate level of light to prepare food and clean etc. But it is also a space that we use to dine and spend time with family and friends. The best way to achieve this balance is by adding layers of light around the room to create depth and atmosphere. As with all other rooms in the home, it works much better to circuit the lights in your kitchen separately if possible. Giving you the option to choose which lights you need depending on how you’re using the space. Lighting in the kitchen must be protected from rising moisture from kitchen appliances. We recommend going for an IP rating of IP20 to avoid moisture from steam.

Pendant lights are a great choice above kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Individually, or in a series they provide practical lighting to fill the room. They also offer lots of choice in terms of style and design to incorporate the character of your home in your lighting. With 1930s industrial inspired iron body, our metal pendant light range will bring a stripped back, trend-led restorative aesthetic to your kitchen. Glass pendant lights also make beautiful focal features and complement any style of interior décor.

Pendant lights are not just made for the centre of the room. Don’t be afraid to find alternative uses for your favourite shades. Try using them over worktops with shelving instead of cabinets for a modern take on under-cabinet lighting.

Track Light Task Lighting

kitchen track lights

Track lights and spotlight bars are great above kitchen islands. With a choice of spotlight heads from our dramatic Broadway inspired spotlights to sleek bullet designs, our ceiling spotlight fittings will transform any space to suit your interior aesthetic. Practical and versatile, our LED spotlights can be easily rotated to direct light onto task areas like kitchen work surfaces or highlight decorative features. Durable, yet malleable. Our flexi track is fantastic for creating unique designs with your lighting scheme. Simply bend the flexi track into a variety of designs to suit your interior décor. Circular designs make contemporary focal features above kitchen islands.

Combine Practical with Decorative

kitchen cupboard lights

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late in the evening when you’re desperately rummaging around for a teaspoon for your brew, the kitchen draws are most often dark and stressful places. Strip lighting is the solution. They’re very easy to install with the adhesive back. And, they can be cut to size to fit your drawer perfectly. For these reasons, LED strip lights are great recessed under cabinets. They are also fantastic display lights to showcase your favourite dinnerware in open or glass cabinets. For under cabinet lighting that switch on as soon as the cabinet is opened, our PIR motion sensor cabinet lights are fantastic.

Over cabinet lights are great for projecting light down onto storage units to enhance the space and provide practical light. Ideal for illuminating kitchen cupboards, worktops, preparation areas and display units. The LED angle can be easily adjusted to project the light in the appropriate direction. Ideally, in any kitchen work area, shadow-free light is essential. Positioning the cabinet lights in line with the edge of countertops allows you to bounce light off walls and cabinets without casting a shadow.

Our waterproof plinth lights are ideal for introducing low-level lighting into your kitchen. With 120° beam angle, plinth lights create depth and wash light across the floor to open up the space and highlight texture. Used for both decorative and practical purposes, plinth lights are a clutter-free solution to lighting large spaces to add drama and definition.

Uplifting Downlights

kitchen downlights

Ceiling recessed downlights work alongside pendant lights to illuminate the corners of the room and provide additional task lighting. Pendant lights have a narrower beam angle to direct light onto the kitchen table and create pools of light, whereas downlights project light at a much wider angle to flood large spaces with light and open up the space.

Cooler colour temperatures like cool white and natural white are most commonly used in the kitchen. They make the room appear brighter, whiter and cleaner. Ideal for the main light source. To add depth and warmth to create a more relaxed, sociable atmosphere, introduce touches of warm white light like cabinet lighting or plinth lighting.