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Alfresco Living is Better with Lighting

garden lights alfresco

Garden lighting is the perfect way to help you to enjoy your outdoor space to its full potential. Extending the light from inside your home into the garden is the best way to create ambience and create an ‘inside-outside’ look and feel. Giving you an inviting additional room as well as creating an outdoor oasis to enjoy. Decking areas and patios can be transformed into cosy alfresco dining and living spaces, while lawns, trees and flower beds become outdoor sculptures with the right amount of well-positioned light. Adding layers of light around the garden is key, so try to use fittings at different heights and levels for the ultimate cosy garden.

Get Started with Ground Lights

garden ground lights

If you’re worried about how to install lighting in the garden, spike lights are a great place to start. Simply push the spike into the ground and move them around as and when you wish, or as your garden grows. They also have a rotational head so that you can direct the light to highlight planted borders or illuminate lawns.

Spike lights are also a great choice to place underneath trees to skim light up the tree trunk. In the summer this will create a beautiful feature with the foliage in full light, but it will also work in the winter with the bare branches catching the highlights of the spike light creating dramatic natural sculptures.

Festival Fun with Festoon Lights

garden festive lights

Decorative but understated. Glamorous but cool. You can’t really go anywhere today without seeing these sparkly string lights. And there’s reason for it. The light they create puts a smile on everyone’s face. Perhaps because they take us back to our favourite market, festival or alfresco restaurant. Whatever the reason, they look fantastic anywhere and everywhere. The chunky retro bulbs are undeniably charming suspended from the industrial style cable. So, get them draped under your covered patio, along the garden fence, around trees, wherever you like.

Add Layers of Light with Outdoor Wall Lights

garden outdoor wall light

Wall lights are great because they can be used up high beside doors and around patio areas, or low down to frame lawns. Creating layers of light to draw the eye around the whole space. They create a welcoming entrance to your home and come in a variety of designs and colours to bring a sense of the interior character of your home outside. For added security, wall lights with a PIR motion sensor are a great choice. They automatically operate the lights to deter intruders and help you to open your front door at night.

Lanterns can add a charming nostalgic feel, while chrome and anthracite finishes with minimalist designs add a contemporary look. Our outdoor up and down Lights are perfect for creating dramatic accent lighting in your garden. Ideal for adding soft light to hard textures by positioning on brick walls, garden fences and outdoor entrances to create a wash of light up and down the space.

Tall, Bright & Handsome Bollard Lights

garden bollard lights

Post and bollard lights are not just for carparks. They’re perfect for illuminating entrances, pathways, patios, and around your home. From contemporary cylinder designs to traditional lanterns, our bollard lights are designed to complement the character of your home and enhance your outdoor lighting scheme. You can create decorative focal features by positioning multiple lights along a pathway, or decking area to frame the space with soft light.

The wide beam angle is designed to flood the ground with bright light to provide safe visibility. Choose from a variety of colour temperatures and finishes from stainless steel to anthracite that are beautiful and easy to clean. Each bollard is water resistant and dust tight, ensuring that they will withstand the elements and function brilliantly outdoors. Available with a PIR motion sensor to function as security lighting to deter intruders and protect your property.

Leave Nothing in the Dark with LED Flood Lights

garden led flood lights

What’s so great about our flood lights is that they’re functional, powerful and have all the benefits of LED. To help deter intruders approaching your property, sensor flood lights are a great option. There are two kinds of sensors to operate your flood lights. PIR motion sensors automatically switch your flood lights on when motion is detected up to 5-8m and with a 180° detection angle. Photocell/Dusk til dawn sensors switch the flood light on at dusk and stays illuminated throughout the night until dawn.

Many of our floodlights have the option of both sensors so you can choose which you prefer. But they’re not only good for adding security, they’re also great for illuminating your driveway to help you park at night and open your garage doors. You can mount them onto walls outside the garage, or the garage roof to project the light further. You can even attach your flood light to a portable aluminium spike to plant your flood light into the lawn. Or team with a stainless-steel arm to extend the reach of the light. RGB colour changing floodlights are fantastic for outdoor events, and to add unique mood lighting to your garden or exterior space.