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Dining Room Lighting

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Ambient Dining Lighting

dining room ambient lights

When you go out for dinner, the first thing that you notice is the atmosphere and ambience in the restaurant. The instant feeling that you get has a lot to do with the lighting and restaurants carefully select the lighting for a relaxing experience. The same should be said for the dining room at home. It is a room that we use daily, particularly in the evening when natural light is limited. The atmosphere should be warm and inviting, not overly bright and uncomfortable. Our dining room lighting is designed to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing family dinners and entertaining dinner parties.

Statement Pendant Ceiling Lights

dining room pendant ceiling lights

endant lights create pools of light over the dining room table. Perfect for creating comfortable ambient lighting for getting together to enjoy dinner. Install individually or in a series depending on the shape and size of your table. Long, narrow dining tables tend to suit two or three pendants in a linear form. Whereas round tables look great with a cluster of pendants hanging from various heights to create an interesting focal feature.

Ceiling lights are not all about pendant shades. Vintage style filament bulbs create a soft candlelight glow and make a modern feature on their own.

Versatile & Functional Track Lighting

dining room versatile functional track lights

Track lights and bar spotlights are also great for long tables with their linear design. The spotlight heads can be rotated to direct the light on the individual place settings. Our flexi track is fantastic for creating unique designs with your lighting scheme. Simply bend the flexi track into a variety of shapes to suit your interior décor. Circular designs make contemporary focal features above round dining tables. Both can be paired with dimmable LED’s and an LED dimmer switch to tone down the lighting depending on the mood you wish to create.

Creative Touches with Wall Lights

dining room wall lights

Wall lights are perfect paired with another light source. If you’re creating a romantic meal and want to light the table with candles, wall lights will add soft background lighting when a central light may be overbearing.

Up/down wall lights wash the wall with light in both directions. This two-way projection of light draws the eye up and down, making the ceiling appear higher. Up/down wall lights are very effective when installed in pairs beside doorways and windows. Our wall lights come in a range of designs and finishes to suit every kind of interior décor from modern minimalist to rustic country home.

If you have display units in the dining room, light them up with strip lights. They transform cabinets and shelving into contemporary features, particularly with glass furniture which allows the light to radiate beautifully. Strip lighting is fantastic because the trademarked 3M adhesive backing allows the strip light to stick to virtually any surface. It can also be cut to size with scissors or extended using our connecting accessories to fit perfectly in any size space.