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MR16 (12v) LED Spotlights

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  1. Biard 12W 12VDC LED Driver

    Biard 12W 12VDC LED Driver
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  2. Biard 18W 12VDC LED Driver

    Biard 18W 12VDC LED Driver
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  3. Biard 6W 12VDC LED Driver

    Biard 6W 12VDC LED Driver
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  4. Biard 30W 12VDC LED Driver

    Biard 30W 12VDC LED Driver
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4 Item(s)

What is an MR16 Spotlight?

The bulbs placed within this MR16 category are forms of spotlighting. MR refers to the bulb's multifaceted reflector and 16 describes its diameter in eighths of an inch. MR16 style bulbs are similar in appearance and function to the GU10. Differences are the thinner pins of the MR16, box shaped base and low voltage. MR16 bulbs are ideal for retrofit use and are often the choice of lighting for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Helpful Information

An MR16 bulb operates on 12 volts and it requires a driver to supply it with the necessary power. For more information and guidance on how to use 12 volt spotlights and drivers click here and read our expert guide before you buy.

Considerations for 12 Volt LED Lighting

When making the switch from 12 volt halogen to 12 volt LED bulbs there are a number of things to consider.

MR16 also known as GU5.3 LED 12 volt bulbs consume a lot less energy than halogen bulbs, for example a  4W LED bulb could be equivalent in light output to a 40W halogen bulb so this needs taking into consideration when fitting low voltage LEDs.

All 12 volt lighting requires a driver (as commonly known for LED) or a transformer (as commonly known for halogen) to convert the 230 volt from your domestic supply down to 12 volt, this is where the problems can accrue when making the switch. A typical 300W 12 volt transformer is designed to supply 12 volt when connected to a “normal” load such as 6 x 25W halogen bulbs (300W); if you decrease the load down to the tiny amounts that LEDs need such as 6 x 4W (24W), the output voltage is likely to increase. This can lead to premature failure of the LED bulbs.

Constant Current VS Constant Current LED Drivers

Another important consideration to take into account is whether you need a constant current or constant voltage driver. If you are going to run just a single LED bulb or connect numerous bulbs in series then a constant current driver would be required, if you going to run numerous LED bulbs in parallel then a constant voltage driver would be used.

How to Avoid Flickering

Another big problem with 12 volt LEDs is ‘flickering’; this is also usually caused by the incorrect 12 volt transformer, not the LED bulb, some transformers that are designed for halogen bulbs do not give out an even flow of voltage or currant, with halogen this is not a problem but with more electronically sensitive LEDs this is what causes the dreaded flickering.

Dimmable Lighting?

The last thing to take into consideration with not only 12 volt LEDs but with all LEDs is dimming, not all LEDs are dimmable so please check that the bulb you are buying states that it is dimmable.

Dimming halogen bulbs is relatively easy due to them not being sensitive to the change in voltages, the less voltage applied to the bulb the dimmer it gets. With LED this is a little more complicated because of the very low power draw from the bulbs. If you are fitting LEDs onto a dimmable circuit it is always best to use a dedicated LED dimmer switch, these are designed to send power and control signals to the electronic LED driver.

Our Checklist

Here at we want all of our customers to have a hassle free experience when switching from halogen to LED, before buying 12 volt LEDs please check that:

1) The driver or transformer you are currently using will be compatible with LEDs.

2) The driver or transformer will supply enough wattage to run the number of LEDs being fitted.

3) Dimmer switch is compatible with LEDs.

4) The LED itself is a dimmable type.

5) The LEDs are powerful enough to light your space.

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