IP Rating Explained

Before selecting your bathroom, kitchen & outdoor lights LEDs, make sure you understand the IP rating. Find out all you need to know about IP ratings here.
Reasons to buy LED lights

Why Should We Buy LED?

Save Money. Protect our planet. Enjoy excellent quality instant light. The reasons why we should buy LED are endless. Discover how you could benefit.
Flexible Track Lighting

Flexible Track Lighting Buyer's Guide

Flexible, adaptable & stylish! Find out more about the latest innovations from Biard now...
LED Floodlight

New Biard LED Slimline Floodlight Range

Discover Biard Slimline LED Floodlights here at BeamLED!

LED Flood Light Buyer's Guide

Powerful. Practical. Efficient. Find out why LED flood lights are the champions of quality, security and total illumination. And which kind of flood light is best for your space.
LED Track Lights

LED Track Lighting Buyer's Guide

Find out why our LED track lighting delivers on design, versatility and functionality.

An Introduction to the LED Driver

What is an LED driver? Why are they important? Find out here!