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Fire Rated Downlights

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What is a fire rated downlighter:

Fire rated downlights are a complete downlighter fitting for use in homes, businesses and commercial premises. When installed in a fire rated ceiling, the downlighter will give protection against the spread of fire between floors. This protection will last either 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on the rating of the downlighter.

When a fire rated material, such as fire rated plasterboard is used for a ceiling, this creates a barrier from a fire spreading to the next level of the building, if holes are then cut into the ceiling to install downlights the fire integrity of the ceiling is then damaged, this is where fire rated downlights must be used to reinstate the fire barrier.

What the regulations say about the use of fire rated downlights:

Building Regulations state that any residential dwelling with a top floor height of up to 18m above the ground should have ceilings resistant to fire to up to 60 minutes. Residential buildings that have a top floor up to 30m should have ceilings resistant to fire for up to 90 minutes.

This means that fire rated downlights are recommended for buildings of usually three stories or more, like flats or commercial buildings.

So why use fire rated downlighters:

Although there is no steadfast regulations saying the use of fire rated downlights must be used in a two story domestic dwelling, such as a family home, (except above an integrated garage where fire barriers must be used) for a little more cost you can be reassured that if a fire does start in your home on the ground floor your fire rated downlights may give you the precious extra time you need to escape the fire.

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