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Our aim is to shed light on the many benefits LED lighting and renewable solar power can bring to homes and businesses. From helpful guides and videos explaining what LED lighting and solar power is and does; our free and easy to use calculators that work out how much money you could save; and delivery and supply of our high quality products, works to help its customers at every stage of their journey to switch to energy efficient LED lighting and renewable solar power.
LED bulbs are not only a fast and easy replacement to standard halogen and incandescent bulbs, they look better and give superior results! By using LEDs the average homeowner has the ability to save up to 80% off their electrical bills.

Our range of solar panels and accesories are efficient, robust and great for those who want a source of electricty out in remote locations. Solar panels are low-maintence and won't impact your carbon footprint!

Here at, we provide bulbs and solar panels in a range of fittings, colours and styles so you'll be sure to find the right type of lighting/renewable energy source for your needs.

Get to know us

With our exclusive newsletter service you'll be able to keep up to date with the latest deals and promotions in store. What's more, you'll also find us on social networks where you can chat to other people who have purchased or are considering LED lighting for themselves as well as getting access to our expert advice and tips on home and office lighting.

Unbeatable Service

Situated in Lancashire, BeamLED prides itself on its superb customer service. As well as our on-site call centre we also boast two warehouses at 48,000sq ft and 30,000sq ft, meaning we're fully equipped to supply hundreds of thousands of delighted customers with our products.

We look forward to helping you make the switch to LED energy saving lighting and solar here at


The team at, Unit 1 & 2 Dawson Court, Billington Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5UB.



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