Six Lighting Ideas For LED Spotlights

LED spotlights may be small, but use them in a series and they can creative stunning lighting for homes, cafes, restaurants, hotel receptions and exhibitions. Spotlights are compact making then easy to fit in an virtual any location to cast uplighting or downlighting into a room or onto an object of desire. Kitchens and bathrooms are perhaps the most popular choices in the home of Brits, where spotlighting is used, and while that is great, it’s our aim to shed a little more light on how this fantastic bulb can be used.

1. Recessed Lighting

kitchen lighting

Spotlighting can be teamed up with tilted downlights to run along hallways, like this. A downlighter is installed within the ceiling where the outer bezel is only visible. This attractive surround can be found in a range of colours such as white, brass, chrome or satin silver to create a matching or contrasting exterior against your decor. The LED spotlight simply needs to be fitted inside. To direct the light at interesting angles, opt for a tilt downlighter. Stationary downlights are also an option.

2. Spa Style Bathroom Lighting


The importance of the bathroom is no longer just for basic hygiene. In the UK, modern bathrooms are increasingly about luxury with freestanding baths, vanity units and designer heated towel rails sought after products. To enhance that feeling of indulgence consider using soft uplighting with an array of spotlighting. To keep the level of lighting calm, stick to spotlights with beam angles between 30 to 90 degrees. For safety (water and electrics are not a good mix!) always purchase waterproof lighting that’s either rated IP65 or IP44.

3. Lighting Display Cabinets


Placing spotlights inside of a display cabinet is a great way to draw people to a sale or show off precious or decorative items within the home. LED spotlights can be used to highlight objects using up or downlighting or a combination of both. For a true spotlight effect, selected an LED with a narrow beam angle. If you’re feeling truly creative, you may find this colour changing spotlight meets your needs.

4. Salon Lighting

3D hair salon, barber shop

In the beauty and fashion industry looks are important, so having a modern and well lit business establishment is key to drawing in customers. LED spotlights create a dazzling array of lights which evokes the atmosphere of a high end fashion show. Try, as seen here, coupled with a selection of lights to make an interior design feature. The best thing? LED lighting is energy efficient, so your electricity bill will stay low.

5. Statement Feature Lighting

private interior

Lighting offers so much more than just helping people to see. This inspirational use of lighting has transformed the spotlight into a modern room feature by placing it into a recessed strip that’s painted in striking black.

Need more inspiration? Let us Shine a Light

Switching to LED will not only save you money on your energy consumption, but we’re pretty sure you’ll love how the lights look in your home as well



Whether you’re after a stylish bathroom, a contemporary kitchen or the brightest cabinet in all the land, BeamLED will have the spotlight for you.

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