Bathroom Lighting

For many years, bathrooms were incredibly dull and ultimately underappreciated. We’ve come a long way from the bathrooms of the 1970’s!

Fortunately, there are now many more options available to help us in the quest to creating the perfect bathroom.

Lighting is especially underrated when conducting these home improvements.

Modern Bathroom Lighting

Roles of the Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally seen to be an area in which we prepare for the day ahead, but many overlook the significance of the bathroom within other parts of life.

For example, the humble bathroom is genuinely one of the only areas in which you are somewhat guaranteed privacy. So why not make the most of this peace and transform your bathroom into a place of tranquillity.

Whether reading in the bath, singing in the shower or simply getting ready for the day ahead, these contrasting activities require two different sorts of lighting:

Accent Lighting

Utilising light with a particular focus, whether you wish to simply stare at yourself in the mirror or create an ambient environment to relax in.

Consider a type of lighting that would not only illuminate the room, but also boost the aesthetics of the environment.

Task Lighting

The bathroom is a hub of activity in daily life and facilitates an array of tasks from shaving to perfecting the application of lipstick. Whatever your routine includes; you need effective lighting to start your day right.

Ambient Lighting

Enjoy peace and quiet with a long shower, or a relaxing bath. Just make sure that you have lighting that can set the mood!

What Are IP Ratings?

One of the most important specifications of any bathroom lighting is the IP Rating. These ratings help us to understand this crucial question:

How waterproof is this lighting?

You can easily determine how waterproof your lighting arrangement is by the Ingress Protection rating on the product. This rating will include two digits:

IP 67 – Protection against solids.

IP 67 – Protection against liquids.

Modern Bathroom Lighting
IP Ratings

What are Bathroom Zones?

Now we need to put IP Ratings into practice. For obvious safety reasons, lighting must be carefully selected when being installed near water.

For this reason, it is important that we segment the bathroom into different zones. Although its a broad generalisation, it is a good starting point when understanding where and where not to utilise non-waterproof lighting.

Zone 1

Lights placed above a bath up to 2.25 metres need to be either jetproof (1P65) or splashproof (IP44).

Generally, If there isn’t a shower located above the bath then splashproof (IP44) LEDs can be used. For bathrooms where there is a shower over the bath, jetproof (IP65) LEDs should be used.

Zone 2

For the areas surrounding zone 1, IP44 (splashproof) rated ligting can be used as long as there is no danger of a direct jet spray coming into contact with the light fitting.

Bathroom Zones

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

From illuminated mirrors to strip lighting, be inspired by the following bathroom lighting ideas:

Bathroom Ceiling & Wall Lights

Simple, effective and stylish. The combination of powerful LED bulbs and contemporary styled light fittings can overhaul the look of any bathroom.

Chrome finished fittings for example are always popular within contemporary styled bathrooms.

Bathroom Downlights

A popular method of creating stylish well-distributed lighting is through the use of downlighters. Available with high IP ratings, you can be sure to find fittings which are both highly functional and stylish.

Certain downlights are available in IP65; making them suitable for use anywhere within the bathroom… Even above the shower!

Strip Lighting for the Bathroom

There are sometimes awkward places which are hard to illuminate in bathrooms. Luckily, strip lighting is an incredibly versatile product and is available often in IP65 and even IP67!

You can even find dimmable, colour changing RGB strip lighting which is perfect for showing off the individuality of your bathroom.

Over Mirror Lights

Sometimes its difficult to find the perfect lighting. Over mirror lights however provide a solution which will make daily routines much easier.

They offer a great alternative lighting source for times in which you require precision.

Illuminated Mirrors

Combining stylish looks with unquestionable practicality; illuminated mirrors are an ideal lighting solution for any bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets

For the ultimate practicality, what could be better than combining lighting, storage and a mirror?

Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets offer everything that the modern-day bathroom needs, and are ideal for ensuring a minimalist look.

As an added benefit, some cabinets also include handy extras such as shaver sockets, like the Milano Leitha.

Final Thoughts

We all have different styles, which are ultimately influenced by even the smallest parts of a room.

It is important that we don’t underestimate the impact of lighting when making a house or home.

So whether you choose spotlights or bulkheads, strip lighting or over-mirror lights; ensure that you pick lighting which is stylish, practical and efficient.

Don’t forget to view our recently updated range or simply find out more about the massive benefits that LED possess!