Using Floodlights

The Complete Guide to Floodlights

From car parks to gardens or even music venues. Find out why Floodlights should take centre stage!

Bathroom Lighting Fundamentals

Get some tips and inspiration about how best to light up your bathroom!

LED Track Lighting: The Ultimate Lighting Solution?

Do you want more information about track lighting? And is it really the ultimate lighting solution?..

An Introduction to the LED Driver

What is an LED driver? Why are they important? Find out here!

LED Strip Light Buyer's Guide

LED Strip Lighting is quite literally the most flexible lighting…
beamled pikachu banner

Shock Theory - Solar power v Pikachu lightning attack

Pikachu is really electric... How electric? Find out here - And how science could make Pikachu's lightning bolts with only Solar power.
Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 - The Future of Solar Power?

Is solar power the future for travel? We cast our expert eyes over the Solar Impulse 2 project and it's breathtaking effort to inspire a new generation of green energy.

Euro 2016 England Goals Extravaganza

  A carnival of sunshine, BBQ's and England's inevitable victory/loss…

Simple Lighting Glossary

Don’t know your Candela from your Kelvins? Confused between…