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LED Track Lighting

Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

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Incredibly functional and versatile, LED Track Lighting provides the perfect lighting solution for a host of environments.

5 Benefits of LED Track Lighting

1) Versatile

As your décor changes, Track Lights change with you.

  • Rotate – shift focus in an instant
  • Pivot – change the direction of lighting with ease
  • Slide – an even distribution isn’t always ideal, you decide
  • Move – change the number of lights on a particular track

2) Customisable

With Track Lighting, you’re never stuck with a single shape. Thanks to different Track lengths and connectors, dozens of shapes are possible.

Popular shapes include:

  • L-Shape
  • U-Shape
  • Square
  • Straight Line

3) Comfortable Anywhere

Track Lights look great in a range of settings, from homes to retail environments. Past customers have placed our Track Lighting solutions in Kitchens, Shops, Art Galleries, Offices & more.

4) Space Saving

As a popular, more flexible alternative to Downlights, Track Lights have the added advantage of taking up a small amount of space.

5) Energy Saving

High-quality Biard LED Chips have two main advantages:

  • You’ll save up to 90% Vs traditional incandescent bulbs & help the environment
  • LEDs have an incredible life span, saving hassle and cost thanks to reduced maintenance

Track Lighting Uses

Track Lighting is perfect for all types of lighting: ambient, accent or task.

  • Ambient Lighting – also known as general lighting, ambient lighting is used to light a space without any particular focus. For Ambient Lighting, place Track Lights in a central location and spread light evenly
  • Accent Lighting – more of a design or artistic choice, accent lighting is used to improve the look of the space by creating visual interest. Accent Lighting needs to stand out against general lighting, so is often positioned in close proximity
  • Task Lighting – simply put, task lighting helps you perform a task such as reading a book or chopping onions

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