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How Cookies Help Online Shopping

Internet sites place small files known as Cookies onto your computer to improve the quality of your visits and general experience. As a user this means browsing can be faster and more personalised to your needs. For the most part cookies are present to enable important functions such as remembering user details when shopping. An example of this is a cookie to store details of the products you add to your shopping basket, without this type of cookie you would need to manually place each item you we're considering again and again into your basket every time you chose to visit a new page on

Cookies are depicted by the following categories:

  • Essential Cookies
  • Use of Personal Data
  • Helpful Cookies
  • Third Party Cookies

Essential Cookies

Essential Cookies allow a website to work at its best. uses Essential Cookies to make shopping at our sites as simplified as possible. These cookies are vital for remembering what you place in your shopping basket.

A summary of Essential Cookies:

  • They remember what's in your online shopping basket.
  • Transfer the contents of the shopping basket to the checkout to be purchased.
  • Check if customers are signed into a secure area of E.g. the checkout.

Essential Cookies are not harmful to your computer and do not store personal details such as payment information.

Information Cookies

Important details such as how shoppers are using a website are gathered via Information Cookies. utilises these cookies to gain insight on how shoppers are using the website. We can then use this knowledge to develop our website functionality and to maintain a satisfactory shopping experience. With information, such as the product pages which are receiving the most visits, can then replicate the most favourable offers and services, etc, to improve other areas of the website.

A summary of Information Cookies:

  • Give us an insight to how customers use our website.
  • Help us to improve our site by showing which pages work best.
  • Pinpoint any onsite errors such as broken links.

Information Cookies are obtained anonymously.

Helpful Cookies

The purpose of Helpful Cookies is to save information of relevance like shopper's names and addresses so that their details are remembered on return to our website without the hassle of filling out additional forms. Helpful Cookies also retain important information such as your answers from previous surveys to prevent you being presented with the same form twice. Where a website has an online chat function, this type of cookie is required to enable the correct operation of this service.

A summary of Helpful Cookies:

  • Tell us if you are signed in to your account.
  • Tell us if you are new to
  • Enable live chat services to function.

Third Party Cookies

These cookies are used to determine the advertisements that a customer will find of the most use based on their interest. Third Party Cookies are used to assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and will accordingly regulate how often adverts are displayed based on a customer's level of interest. Most Third Party Cookies placed onto a shopper's computer by advertising agents are granted permission by our website. These cookies recognise a customer returning to our site and will then inform our advertising partners so that they can display adverts of the most interest.

A summary of Third Party Cookies:

  • Gain knowledge on general customer browsing habits.
  • Display ads most likely to interest you.

Third Party Cookies store information in order to display ads that are completely anonymous and therefore contains no personal details from our visitors. has provided this information on cookies in compliance with laws and legislation. All of the above information has been presented in a clear and honest manner for users to understand their function.



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