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Biard 5 Metre 300 LED RGB 5050 Strip Lights Kit Waterproof With Power Supply & Controller

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  • The brand is the manufacturer of the LED light, we have
    several market leading brands to choose from including
    Biard LED, Toshiba, Auraglow, Kosnic, Diamond LED,
    ViriBright, Daxlite, Ansell, Bri-Tek and TP24
Product Type
  • This is the type of product group the item would fall into.
  • The wattage is the amount of power used by the
    product. For example, a 60W light bulb would use 60W
    of power and a 5W LED light bulb would use just 5W
    of power.
14.8W Per Metre
  • Dimming traditional bulbs is quite straight forward, the less
    power to the bulb the dimmer it will go and vice versa,
    dimming LED lights requires specific electronics within
    the bulb, also dimming switches that have been designed
    to work with LED lights. This is something to take into
    consideration when purchasing dimmable LED lights,
    always make sure your dimming switches are compatible
    with LED lights.
Life Span
  • This is the length of time the product is expected to last
    for. LED lighting can last up to 50,000 hours compared to
    traditional bulbs that will last only 2000 hours maximum.
  • Traditionally the colour of bulbs has been pretty limited and
    the different shades of white were controlled by frosting or
    colouring the glass of the bulb. Since LED light is operated by
    electronics, the shade of white or the colour can be controlled.

    There are commonly three different types of colour when
    referring to LED; cool white is a bright crisp white used to
    create a fresh clean look, natural white is a slightly softer white
    and warm white is softer still with a more yellowish tinge to it
    and is the closest white to a traditional bulb.
LED Size
5050 (5.0mm x 5.0mm)
  • The dimensions of a light are measured by the diameter
    (Ø) and the length. The length is measured from the top
    of the bulb to the very bottom including the fittings,
    for example a GU10 length will include the two prongs
    of the fitting. If the lights are described as "retrofit" then
    these are a direct replacement for their halogen or
    incandescent replacement.
L:5000mm x W:10mm
Beam Angle
  • The beam angle of the light is a very important
    consideration when changing to LED lights. If you
    require a small spread of light, for example lighting a
    picture, then a smaller beam angle will be needed.

    A good angle for this would be 30 degrees.
    Alternatively, if you want a good spread of light for
    lighting a room for instance, then a larger beam angle
    will be needed like 120 degrees. Common beam angles
    are 30, 45, 60, 80, 120, 180 and 360 degrees.
Pack Size
  • The pack size indicates the products or quantity of product
    that will be received
1 x 5 Metre Roll, Power Supply & Controller
*5 Years
  • The lumen output of the light is the actual light produced.
    LED lights use far less power than traditional lights such
    as halogen or incandescent, but the lumen output, the
    actual light produced, is the same, for example a 5W LED
    bulb can produce the same lumens (light) as a 50W
    incandescent light.
900 Per Meter
Input Power
  • This is the power to be supplied to the product; this is given
    in volts and commonly will be either 240V, which is the
    voltage of a domestic supply, or 12V.
  • All LED lighting is subject to strict electrical testing. All the
    products sold by BeamLED.com have been rigorously
    tested to the highest of industry standards and all carry the
    CE and RoHS kite marks.
  • The weight of a product is always shown in KG, this is
    referred to as the net weight of the product and does
    not including packaging.
0.50 KG

This complete colour changing RGB strip lighting kit contains all the items needed to create a stunning lighting display in the home, garden, commercial setting or public event.

  • Size: 5M
  • Total LEDs: 300
  • Colour: RGB
  • Use: Indoors and outdoors
  • Can be cut to smaller sizes: Yes
  • Can be connected to more strip lights: Yes
  • Power supply included: Yes
  • Remote control included: Yes
  • Application: 3M™ adhesive backing
  • Voltage: 12
  • Please note: Always remove the LED strip light from the reel before use.
  • Please note: Male and female jack plugs come ready fitted to this reel of strip lights.
  • Please note: Once cut, this product is no longer splash proof. This is due to the connectors not being waterproof.

*See warranty page for details.

Full Description

Superb quality decorative lighting does not have to be expensive. The Biard 5 Metre 300 LED RGB 5050 Strip Light Waterproof With Power Supply & Controller is surprisingly cost effective. It features 300 colour changing LED lights on the five metre roll included with this purchase. The color sequence of the lights which displays red, white, yellow, blue, purple and more can be operated by the remote control to make the lights transition, stay constant or pulse. If five metres happens to be more than you require, the LED strip can be cut to shorten or alternatively clipped onto other strip lights for a longer sequence. These incredible lights can be used virtually any where indoors and outside.

Customise with an aluminium profile for a professional look that can be installed beneath countertops, recessed into walls, on stair cases and more.

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